Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants

In a perfect world, we’d retain our teeth for life. But statistics from the CDC show that one-quarter of adults aged 65 or older only have eight or fewer natural teeth. And about one in six of these adults have lost all their teeth.

If you’ve lost several teeth, have diseased, cracked, loose or worn-down teeth, or simply wish to replace cumbersome dentures, you may be a candidate for a full mouth restoration with dental implants. We can replace your natural teeth by strategically placing as few as four implants per arch on which permanent or snap-on bridges are secured. With our revolutionary SameDay Smile® and All-on-4® (or more) procedures we can often provide temporary replacements in just one day.

When it comes to your appearance, comfort, confidence and ability to speak and eat the foods you love, our dental implant solutions are guaranteed to make you smile.

Regular Dentures Just Can’t Compete

Traditional dentures are worth considering since they’re more affordable than most other teeth replacement alternatives. But that’s where the advantages stop. With traditional dentures, the bone that once supported your natural teeth will recede, ultimately leading to a more sunken-in appearance.  You won’t be able to eat certain foods and may even have difficulty speaking. Your daily routine will include the repetitive application of messy denture adhesive. And you will have to store your “teeth” in a glass overnight.

Benefits of Full Mouth Reconstruction with Dental Implants

Periodontists like the doctors at the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics are experts in full mouth restorations with dental implants. Titanium “roots” stimulate the jawbone and support your new permanent or snap-on bridge of teeth. You regain the look and function of natural teeth and can once again live the life you deserve, eat foods without restriction and feel confident when you smile.

By investing in this healthy mouth solution (one that can last a lifetime) you’ll feel like a huge weight has been lifted since, beyond normal hygiene and maintenance, you won’t have to even think about your teeth any more. No more feeling embarrassed when you smile, no more discomfort, and no more having only to nostalgically remember what it was like having functional teeth.

If you’re tired of dealing with decayed or missing teeth, or are fed up with conventional dentures, consider a full mouth restoration with dental implants, since you will:

• Be able to chew the foods you love again
• Preserve jawbone health
• Not face the sore spots caused by many conventional dentures
• Feel like you have gorgeous, natural teeth
• Look great all day and night
• Not have to deal with dental adhesive and worry your teeth may come loose

One Happy Smile is Worth a Thousand Words

Read about actual patient experiences on our Smile Gallery pages and see patient testimonial videos for examples of the hundreds of patients whose lives we’ve been able to transform with dental implants. Discover why individuals like Cathy say “I’m just thrilled with the whole process… thanks a million… it was a really nice experience here!”

You can make an appointment at either of our two convenient locations—Northeast Philadelphia (215-677-8686) or Ambler, PA (215-643-4393). Let us transform your smile for 2022!