Rita’s our Sunny June “Smile of the Month”

Rita was extremely frustrated with the removable implant bridge on her lower teeth. Forced to use denture adhesive each day to keep the bridge in place, she felt the process wasn’t just inconvenient—it seemed unnatural. She came to the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics hoping for a more permanent solution to her unstable dental situation.

Dr. Levine decided that the All-on-4™ treatment protocol would best serve Rita. This “best in class,” minimally invasive and efficient solution allows for the delivery of a full arch prosthesis anchored on only four actual implants.

Rita after 200Dr. Levine removed Rita’s four failing dental implants and replaced them with four new ones the very same day. A permanent, screw-retained fixed bridge was placed the next day by Rita’s restorative dentist with whom Dr. Levine closely communicated to make the experience as simple as possible for Rita. She was restored three months later with a new, full upper denture and a lower bridge that’s so secure it can only be removed by a dentist.

“It’s hard to describe how seriously wonderful this is,” says Rita. “Dr. Levine and his group are probably the most caring, talented professionals that I have dealt with—how (they)… mesh this treatment so seamlessly with another office is phenomenal.”