Save Time and Money With All-on-4®

Despite your best efforts to maintain a healthy smile, it’s all too common to lose a tooth. But what if you have several missing teeth, or even a full mouth of failing, decayed or missing teeth?

family gathered around dinner tableRather than replacing missing teeth with individual dental implants, we can often place as few as four dental implants to anchor an entire bridge or partial denture to either or both arches with a procedure that’s known as All-on-4. The procedure is cost-effective, with long-term results. Naturally looking results will mean you leave our office with fully functional, temporary teeth that let you smile with confidence. Recovery begins immediately following the procedure. Former denture wearers, for example, achieve stability without messy fixatives and no discomfort, with new replacement teeth providing much-needed facial support.

Saving your smile with All-on-4 is life-changing. It’s often the ideal procedure for patients who:

  • would love to bite into apples and chew steak once again
  • want to eat other foods that they otherwise would not be chew
  • need to repair extensive damaged or decayed teeth
  • need to replace multiple teeth at once
  • wish to replace dentures
  • seek an option that looks just like natural teeth
  • are looking for a tooth replacement option that is easy to clean and doesn’t require removal and messy adhesives

In most cases, saving your smile with All-on 4 lets us bypass the kind of surgical preparations (bone grafts or sinus lifts) that may be required for regular implants. Contact either our Philadelphia or Ambler office today for a consultation to learn how you can once again be confident in your new, healthy, fully functional smile!