Sharing Information with International Colleagues for our Patients’ Benefit

In 1987, at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP), there was talk of starting a periodontal plastic surgery study club for American periodontists and other dental professionals and interested students. This aspect of periodontics was a relatively new concept at the time for dental professionals. With time, interest grew across the pond as international educators and practitioners also expressed interest. The group became known as the International Society of Periodontal Plastic Surgeons (ISPPS). They decided to meet regularly the day before, and in the same city, as the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP).

Dr. Levine to Become ISPPS President

The mission of the ISPPS is “to present cutting-edge, often unpublished material, or modifications to existing techniques in the field of periodontal plastic and reconstructive surgery, to improve the overall esthetics to the benefit of patients long-term.” You can read more about the ISPPS here.

Dr. Levine is currently a Fellow of the ISPPS. He will take the helm as president at the 33rd annual meeting of the organization scheduled for November 4, 2021 in Miami.

More About Our Dental Study Clubs

Both Dr. Fava and Dr. Levine are Diplomates of the American Board of Periodontology, an extension of their passion and commitment to the field of dental implants and periodontics. As such, they’ve been instrumental in not only being a part of international study clubs but establishing local clubs for fellow practitioners. At these regular meetings, dental professionals discuss the latest research and compare notes on treatment protocols and practice management.

Our doctors are active Fellows of the renowned International Team for Implantology (ITI) study club and organize the Philadelphia Tri-State Area ITI Study Club for which Dr. Levine is the founder. Dr. Levine also founded the Greater Philadelphia Dental Hygiene Study Club. And Dr. Fava oversees a local SPEAR study club to enhance dental techniques and treatment planning through a collaborative approach.