SMILE! It’s National Smile Week

To recognize National Smile Week, we thought we’d offer:


1.Missing teeth can eventually cause a sunken appearance. Once teeth are lost the subsequent possible jawbone loss (from missing tooth roots) can seem to change the shape of your face. Dental implants solve the problem by creating new tooth “roots” in the jaw.

2.Studies show an increase in confidence as a natural byproduct of having an attractive smile. We’d love to help you achieve the smile of your dreams!

3.Your chewing and talking abilities can be affected when you’re missing teeth. Dental implants solve the problem by looking and functioning just like normal, healthy teeth.

4.Poor oral health can result in gum disease (gingivitis) or, even worse, severe gum disease (periodontitis). Studies now show bacteria from severe gum disease linked to a variety of serious “systemic” diseases that affect the heart, lungs, brain and more.

5.A beautiful, healthy smile can boost your mood AND your immune system since your body is naturally more relaxed when you smile, a factor that contributes to overall health.

6. Gingivitis, and many stages of periodontitis, is totally treatable if caught early. In pregnant women, gum disease has been linked to premature births. Again, we can normally treat gum disease and reverse the damage with options like LANAP® laser treatment.

7.Dental implants help prevent remaining healthy teeth from shifting.

8.We can correct “gummy smiles” (excessive gingival display) that prevent you from smiling fully since you feel too much gum tissue is seen.

9.Even serious gum recession can now be treated with our highly acclaimed Pinhole gum rejuvenation procedure.

10.Eligible candidates can often leave our office in just one day with a functional set of lovely, strong new teeth.

A beautiful smile is priceless. If you are missing teeth, have loose teeth or issues with your gums, please call us for a consultation today at 215-677-8686.