Steer Clear of Dental Hacks

Dr Klass, PeriodontistCheck out Dr. Dmitriy Klass’s interesting article at HealthHelpZone, an informative website that offers readers health resources in the form of articles, directories and links. In this article, Dr. Klass, as guest author, reminds individuals that DIY dental hacks like filing your own teeth to make them more proportional (do NOT do this at home!) can result in painful nerve damage.

Mouthwash may temporarily make your breath fresher, but, as Dr. Klass explains, gum disease needs to be treated by a dental professional.

“Once you have been diagnosed with gum disease, not even the most potent mouthwash will destroy the under-the-gum plaque that will, if left unchecked, eat away at your gums and result in failing or lost teeth.”

Footnote:  Dr. Klass also mentions “mamelons,” which, you may not know, is the name given to those rounded bumps at the edge of the incisor (middle teeth) that seem to have a scalloped- edge appearance. Not harmful and normally just part of normal tooth development, mamelons are more prominent in children. Adults can have mamelons, too. In most instances, these mamelons normally wear away with chewing if the upper and lower teeth properly come into contact.