The 69th PA Irish Volunteers (with Dr. Levine) Show Their Respect

Recognize that face? Yes, it’s our Dr. Levine marching again with the 69th PA Irish Volunteers Civil War reenactment regiment in a recent Bridesburg, PA Memorial Day celebration. Between firing their weapons (58 caliber Enfield rifles) into the air during the one-hour parade route and the authenticity of their Civil War-era uniforms, this group always attracts a lot of attention.

The original 69th Pennsylvania Irish Infantry fought in nearly every campaign during the Civil War, including the July 1863 Battle of Gettysburg where the soldiers sustained tremendous casualties. Today’s  69th Pennsylvania Irish Volunteers reenactment group is devoted to locating unmarked grave sites of men who fought during the Civil War and placing new stones on their graves in public ceremonies. They have placed close to 100 gravestones to date on Veterans Day through their preservation committee.

Dr. Levine always enjoys marching with the group. He gets such a kick out of seeing the joy in the faces of children of all ages. As he reminds us, “We must continually show our respect and gratitude for all the brave men and women who served in our nation’s wars while protecting our freedom.”