The Many Benefits of Dental Implants

If you have any loose, missing or diseased teeth, you could be a candidate for dental implants. Millions of patients in the U.S. have benefited from this safe and highly effective tooth replacement option. Here are some of the reasons why dental implants are so popular:

They look totally natural.

Only your dental professional can tell you have dental implants. Prosthetic teeth are made to blend in perfectly with other teeth. Even acrylic prosthetic gums, if needed, will look totally realistic.

They totally restore function.

Even a few missing teeth at the front of your mouth can make a difference in your speech. With dental implants, you will be able to speak and smile confidently.

They help stimulate your jawbone.

Our tooth roots help stimulate the jawbone which helps keep our face shape intact. When you lose teeth, you can experience jawbone loss, which could cause your face, over time, to have a caved-in appearance.

They are super easy to care for.

Good oral hygiene is all that’s required with dental implants. You brush and floss twice a day and visit your dentist for regular maintenance cleaning, just like you do with natural teeth.

They allow you to eat all the foods you love.

Imagine biting into a crunchy apple again! There are no limits on chewing ability. There’s nothing to “slip” like a regular denture and no need to worry in public about a possibly embarrassing situation with your teeth.

They are near permanent.

With proper care, your dental implants can last a lifetime. We have studies showing 90% success rates at 20+ years.

Implants Vary Depending on Need

Placement of dental implants in the front of your smile, known as the esthetic zone, should always be handled by a trusted, skilled periodontist. There’s little room for error here, since your teeth are most noticeable. Your periodontist should also have a good understanding of hard and soft tissue augmentation to make sure the implant blends with the surrounding environment.

Other solutions for some patients may be fixed prostheses that are anchored by dental implants that replace a whole upper or lower set of teeth. Patients immediately forget that their restoration is actually part of a dental bridge, since these individuals can eat, speak and chew like they did when they had their own teeth. You care for the fixed bridge just like your natural teeth. Only your dental professional will know the difference.

Tooth loss can cause so many negative issues, like low self-esteem, as well as even malnutrition due to improper diets, and more. Contact us today via our brief website questionnaire on our homepage, or call us at 215-677-8686 to see how you can once again chew, speak and SMILE with confidence!