The Spotlight’s on Erika!

We’re thrilled to bring back our “Spotlight” feature and offer interesting tidbits about members of our team at The Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics. This month’s spotlight is on 22-year-old Erika Geer, one of our more recent surgical assistants. Erika hails from Richboro and has been with us for nearly two years. 

Favorite Musician: I love The Weeknd. Also am a long-time fan of the rapper Lil Wayne

Favorite Food: I could eat sushi seven days a week!

On my Bucket List: Travel the world

Favorite Exercise: Swimming. I love the pool!

Favorite TV ShowLaw and Order SVU. I binge watch it all the time.

What Advice Would You Give Your 15- Year-Old Self? Never give up, and always set goals for yourself

Any Hidden Talents? No. But I wish I could sing 

What Keeps You Going? My family, friends and knowing I want to start a family of my own in a few years!