The Spotlight’s on Nancy!

Surgical assistant Nancy Sweeney decided to share some personal information with us for our second Employee Spotlight feature of 2016. The proud grandmother of six “wonderful” grandchildren has been employed with the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics for 22 years – that’s more than two decades of great company, committed team work, and fabulous relationships with our patients.

Nancy 200

#1 Favorite Song: “If I Were Your Man” by Bruno Mars

#2 Bucket List Includes: Trip to Italy

#3 Favorite Meal: LOVE shrimp scampi!

#4 Pet Peeve: Nasty people

#5 Dinner With a Celebrity Choice: Bruce Willis

# 6 Folks Might be Surprised to Know: That I snore! LOL!

#7 If I Could Do Another Job For Just One Day: I’d be a chef

#8 Personal Skill I Wish I had: The ability to sing. Dr Levine doesn’t like it when I sing!

#9 I Couldn’t live Without: My grandchildren

#10 Favorite Season: Fall – LOVE the colors!