Vacation Dentistry? Think Twice Before Buying That Plane Ticket!

man in tank top giving thumbs down Maybe you know someone who traveled abroad to obtain what they believed would be “bargain” pricing on dental implants while enjoying some nice weather and a beach. Instead, they ended up with a mouth full of mistakes. Or you yourself could be one of the unfortunate victims of a foreign dental implant mishap. The stories are all too common —innocent individuals left regretting their “vacation dentistry” decision after dealing with less-than professional practitioners.

In a recent feature on the website, The Fit Scene ,Dr. Schoenebeck explains why you need to do your homework before considering what we also call “dental tourism.” As Dr. Schoenebeck explains:

Doing nothing about failing or missing teeth has its own pitfalls. But we urge patients to proceed with caution before making a rash decision that can dramatically affect their appearance and overall health. In the end, the allure of a “vacation” and less expensive dental costs may not be enough to make up for the real price you pay for procedures gone wrong.”

Ten Key Questions to Ask When Contemplating “Vacation” Dentistry

1: Will your trip allow additional time for thorough pre-surgery consultation with the practitioner? Will all your questions be answered to your satisfaction?

2: What kind of implant material are they using? Hundreds of companies provide materials. Some of these material are definitely not up to the standards of our top manufacturers.

3: Covid notwithstanding, what are the practice’s infection-control practices?

4: Can you research them/obtain reviews and/or recommendations from reliable sources?

5: Is your doctor’s professional credentials accurate? Standards may vary country-to-country.

6: What’s the safety like in the overall area in which you’ll be staying?

7: Will there be a language barrier with the doctor and/or support staff?

8: What about follow-up care in case of possible complications?

9: Can you safely and comfortably fly after surgery?

10: What kind of guarantee do they offer, and are you going to want to return if there’s a problem?

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