Water, Water Everywhere

As you celebrate in your immediate family “bubble,” during this crazy holiday season, we want to remind you of the importance of hydration for your teeth.

Overall Health

Our bodies are 60% water. Staying healthy therefore relates to staying hydrated so our bodies function optimally. We need water in order for our kidneys to properly perform. Also, when we’re dehydrated, our skin becomes more susceptible to disorders and wrinkling. Water (sweat) cools the body when we exercise, helping regulate body temperature. Water helps us avoid digestive issues, assists in flushing out wastes and even helps in weight loss by preventing overeating.

Drinking water helps us avoid dehydration, which can lead to imbalances in electrolytes. Dehydration can also lead to an increase in blood pressure and worsening of asthma or allergies since the airways are restricted in the body’s attempt to minimize water loss.

Hydration and Your Teeth

Why are we talking so much about hydration? It’s because it’s really important for our teeth as well! When we drink water, we increase  saliva production which helps the mouth wash away food particles and bacteria. Sipping water instead of soda or juice means there’s no unwanted sugar left behind on your teeth. The resultant bacteria can wear away tooth enamel, leading to cavities.

Dry Mouth

A lack of saliva is called xerostomia (dry mouth) and can be caused not only by not drinking enough water but present as a side effect of certain treatments or medications which can put you at risk for decay. Sucking on sugarless candy or chewing sugarless gum can help stimulate saliva production. Breathing through your nose and using a room vaporizer to add moisture when you sleep can also help.

You still need to brush twice a day and floss, but sipping water throughout the day will help keep your smile (and your body) healthy and beautiful. If you have any questions about dry mouth, please call our office and we can look into possible causes with you.

In the meantime, we wish you a happy, safe and healthy holiday season!