What is an Abutment and Why You Should Care

Abutments are small but very important connecting pieces that attach to the dental implant base that is “implanted” into your jaw. Once the surgical site has healed, a replacement artificial tooth is screwed onto the abutment. If you’re having a dental bridge restoration, the abutments will be placed on two or more implants to hold the new artificial tooth or teeth in place.

Abutments are usually titanium thanks to the element’s biocompatibility with our bodies. Placement of the abutment is a minor procedure, but one we take just as seriously as any other step in the dental implant process. Here’s why:

Component Parts Are Very Important

We recently saw an interesting headline that discussed how the global dental implant abutment market is projected to grow exponentially in the next four years. Indeed, more than 100 companies in the world already produce dental implant components like abutments. But not all component parts are created the same.

At the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics we work with only a handful of trusted, well known and respected manufacturers, ones that offer precisely designed, customized abutments, like Straumann, Nobel BioCare and Dentsply. These companies have committed the time and money needed for extensive research, with data-driven evidence to ensure their products are the best.

It’s All Part of the Process

If you’re still in the decision phase when it comes to replacing a tooth or even a full mouthful of teeth, you want to know that your practitioner will be taking each step of the process very seriously and working with only today’s top companies for the “parts” of your implant. Our job is to ensure that your dental implant restoration will look, function and feel as good or better than your natural teeth. Your new tooth “root” (the surgically implanted dental implant), the connecting abutment and final replacement tooth will form a sturdy unit that allows you to smile, eat and speak again with full confidence.

From your initial call to us to your first front desk experience, to the day you leave our office with a new tooth or teeth, you should know that every step of your journey has been individualized to your specific situation by a team that knows and cares about you.

Have any questions? Contact us today to see for yourself how we take that extra step to ensure your long-term oral health success.