What is “Immediate Loading” and Are You a Candidate?

Immediate loading may sound like a shipping procedure that takes place on a dock, but it actually refers to a great dental implant process we offer. With immediate loading, we can often remove and replace from one to a full mouth of teeth with dental implants and temporary teeth, all on the same day. The process can also help preserve bone and gum tissue that won’t have a chance to shrink otherwise over time.

We know that many individuals suffer with poor dental health from unsightly failing or missing teeth or even ill-fitting, messy and unreliable dentures. With the streamlined process of immediate loading, we can instantly improve lives forever, helping patients to maintain their smile or, in many cases, dramatically improve aesthetics and function all at once.

Not Every Patient is a Candidate

Immediate loading (also known here as All-on-4™ and SameDay Smile®) is a proven procedure offered by this office for decades. The process allows for immediate function with minimum recovery time. However, our doctors caution that “slow and steady” might be better options for some patients. Our goal is to achieve long-term success. Sometimes the fastest procedures might not be the best, depending on your individual diagnosis.

Buyer Beware

Watch out for dental chains who offer all patients the same immediate loading-type procedures. Everyone needs to be carefully screened (we utilize 3D computer-assisted digital x rays) to determine if you’re a candidate and ensure you have sufficient (jaw) bone quality to support implants or see if bone grafting is necessary first. Patients who have not exhibited good oral hygiene or have had severe gum disease may not be great candidates since decreased periodontal health can affect the “osseointegration” process whereby the implants naturally fuse with your jawbone. Your new implants, whether provided immediately or over a longer period, must be stable to support restorations, from an individual tooth replacement on up to an entire mouthful of teeth in the form of a non-removable, screw-retained, implant-supported bridge.

This May Be the Answer You’ve Been Seeking!

Check out more highlights of our immediate-loading dental implant procedures, take a look at examples of actual patient case studies and then contact us to see if you are a candidate for this process to provide beautiful, long-term smiles with reduced treatment and healing times.