Why a Periodontist Should Place Your Dental Implants

man working by computerAre you having issues with a dental implant placed a few years ago by another office? Some of the dental implants we address today are due to clinical errors made by a well-intentioned, but inexperienced, dental practitioner who placed the wrong size implant, didn’t space implants properly across the jawline, didn’t take a patient’s bite into consideration or didn’t use the correct number of implants to secure a bridge.

Choose Wisely

Periodontists concentrate on issues with gum tissue and jawbone health. While your general dentist is the expert when it comes to routine oral health check-ups, teeth cleaning, cavity filling, crowns, cosmetic veneers, bonding or perhaps even root canals, he or she probably doesn’t have precision training in dental implants and may have only attended weekend classes post-graduation to learn about implants.

The periodontal dental specialty requires four years of dental school plus two-three additional, rigorous years of training full-time in procedures like dental implants. Doctors Fava, Schoenebeck and Klass have been specially trained in jaw and gum surgeries and will place dental implants precisely to ensure fast healing, improved oral health and aesthetic appearance. They are trained in all the specialized skills needed to deal with any possible dental implant complications.

You wouldn’t hire a plumber to repair your roof. Choose your periodontist like you would any other professional, by finding a trusted dental implant expert who will ensure the best possible outcome for you and your precious smile. Dental implants have close to a 100% success rate when placed by experienced professionals!

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