Your Periodontist Can Help Speed Up Orthodontic Movement

Having crooked or overcrowded teeth are common complaints of many adults. Maybe you had braces as a young teen and your teeth shifted as a result of not wearing dental retainers. Perhaps you simply never addressed your less-than-perfect smile for financial reasons, would like to straighten your teeth now, but can’t imagine dealing with braces or aligners for such a long period of time.

Introducing Piezocision

With our piezocision-assisted orthodontic treatment, we can help you speed up orthodontic movement whether you’re wearing traditional braces or using Invisalign trays. With this minimally invasive method we can assist the orthodontist by speeding up orthodontic movement using a procedure called piezosurgery or corticotomy. The procedure utilizes a special tool to make precise micro-incisions in the gum. This gives us tiny access points to the bone around the teeth that need to be moved. Studies show that patients seeking accelerated orthodontic movement can potentially reduce treatment time by half with this procedure.

Benefits of Straight Teeth

There’s much to be said about healthy teeth, straight teeth. A beautiful smile also helps us chew and bite correctly, and the teeth are easier to clean. With straight, healthy teeth you have less chance of experiencing annoying and expensive tooth chips or breaks. You can normally avoid the kind of headaches often associated with the jaw misalignment of crooked teeth.

Benefits can extend from physical to mental. There’s no doubt that a straight, healthy smile is attractive. Numerous studies and polls point to the relationship between healthy, straight teeth and dating success as well as the likelihood of not only getting jobs but actually earning higher salaries.

Learn More

The piezo-assisted orthodontic treatment normally takes no more than one hour. Interested in discovering more about how this modern approach to orthodontic movement might help you straighten your teeth in less time, with reduced postoperative discomfort than other similar procedures? Call our NE Philadelphia office at 215-677-8686 and request a consultation with Dr. Klass today!