You’re Never Too Old For Dental Implants

Is there a “right” adult age for dental implants? Certainly not!

Too often we hear a current patient tell us that a parent or grandparent thinks they’re too old for dental implants. But that’s just not true. You’re never too old to improve your smile, feel more confident about your appearance, and once again be able to chew and enjoy the foods you want.

Today’s seniors are living longer and healthier lives. Of course, we will first carefully evaluate each situation individually to check general health, jawbone health, determine what medications the patient is taking, etc. For the most part, individuals even in their 80s and even 90s should heal the same as younger patients. Even patients with osteoporosis are normally viable candidates for dental implants.

Dentures Just Aren’t as Good

There’s no doubt that dentures are a cheaper option. They don’t normally require dental surgery unless teeth must be extracted. But the minor positives stop there —a fact that can be easily confirmed by talking to anyone who has dealt with dentures and knows what an ordeal they can be. Dentures do not restore partial chewing ability and efficiency. They must be taken out each night to be cleaned and don’t prevent facial sagging. As the gum jaw bone that the denture sits on continues to “melt away” the dentures can cause slipping when the individual is speaking which can be incredibly embarrassing.

With dental implants we can totally restore chewing and speaking ability, your teeth look and function like normal and we can help maintain facial structure. It all adds up to helping you stay more social with a healthier lifestyle and helping you live longer.

Don’t let age be the defining factor in stopping you or a loved one from seeking a dental implant consultation. We’d love to help improve your smile—and your life—at any age as we at the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics have been doing for thousands of patients for more than 30 years.