Busting Myths About Dental Implants

We can give you a healthier, more functional and attractive smile no matter your age.

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More News About Oral Health Linked to Brain Health

Researchers have linked the number of teeth and severity of gum disease to changes in the left hippocampus of the brain.

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The Tooth About Gum (Periodontal) Disease

Read what Dr. Schoenebeck has to say about gum disease and periodontal health.

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Your Gums Matter

Do you have a “gummy smile” where it seems that too much of your gum tissue shows, making your teeth look short? We can help!

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Helping Straighten Teeth Faster —Even For Adults!

We can safely and effectively team with your orthodontist to accelerate the teeth movement (braces) process!

5-Star Dentistry and Proud of It!

Make an appointment today and see for yourself why patient Steve B. said that “this is the most professional periodontal office you will ever come across!”

Vacation Dentistry? Think Twice Before Buying That Plane Ticket!

The allure of a “vacation” while getting dental implants may not be quite what you imagine.

Lose Weight AND Help Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthier?

More evidence that even when it comes to your oral health, you are what you eat.

Five Bites of Dental Trivia We Thought You’d Enjoy

Did you know that Paul Revere apparently was also a forensic dentist?

Today’s Immediate Solution for Dental Implants

Think about this: New teeth in one day with SameDay Smile®