5-Star Dentistry and Proud of It!

Make an appointment today and see for yourself why patient Steve B. said that “this is the most professional periodontal office you will ever come across!”

Vacation Dentistry? Think Twice Before Buying That Plane Ticket!

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Five Bites of Dental Trivia We Thought You’d Enjoy

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Today’s Immediate Solution for Dental Implants

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Always Studying, Always Learning More!

At our March Philadelphia Tri-State International Team for Implantology (ITI) Study Club Zoom meeting, Doctors Fava and Levine announced that our study club member and ITI Fellow and Temple dental

Osseointegration: The Secret Behind Dental Implant Success

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SMILE! It’s National Smile Week

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Dr. Levine Again Shares Knowledge at UNC

Dr. Levine wears many hats. His busy life includes “giving back” and sharing his time and knowledge while mentoring to inspire others in his field. He frequently serves as a