COVID Complications and Gum Disease?

A sobering statistic for sure, but the fact is that more than 878,000 people in the U.S. have already died from COVID-19. We thought it important to highlight this recent Covid/periodontal-related discovery.

A research study conducted during a six-month period in 2020 analyzed 568 patients with severe COVID complications (ICU admission, ventilator assistance) or even death, and compared this group with COVID-19 patients discharged without such complications. The two groups were compared using dental x-rays.

Systemic Inflammation Linked with Respiratory Issues

Results showed that patients who also had periodontitis (advanced gum disease) were “at least 3x more likely to experience COVID-19 complications including death, ICU admission, and the need for assisted ventilation.”

On a related note, Dr. James G. Wilson, President of the American Academy of Periodontology, said that “It is well-established that systemic inflammation is not only linked with periodontal disease, but to several other respiratory diseases as well. Therefore, maintaining healthy teeth and gums to avoid developing or worsening periodontal disease is crucial during a global pandemic like COVID-19, which is also known to trigger an inflammatory response.”

Treat Your Gum Disease NOW

Many studies over the last few decades have suggested links between periodontal disease and all sort of inflammatory, systemic diseases. It’s thought that toxins from gum disease pass from the mouth to the bloodstream which prompts our bodies to adjust to inflammation, creating a less responsive immune system.

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