Dental Implant Safety – More from Dr. Levine

 As a member of the Academy of Osseointegration’s Research Submission Committee over the past few years, Dr. Levine shares and hears interesting, unique and thought-provoking research and clinical studies. At the organization’s last annual meeting in Florida, Dr. Levine notes an article by German dentist Dirk Duddeck, DDS regarding “knock-off” implant brands that contain surface impurities.

The Clean Implant Foundation, established last year, supports research on the clinical impact of impurities. They publish research that helps clinicians like us, as well as our patients, understand which implants may or may not be “clean” of significant surface impurities, an aspect of the practice most of us have taken for granted.

As we recently reported, the brand we use, Straumann, has tested the most favorably compared to the top three brand of dental implants. With more than 35 dental implant manufacturers out there, and perhaps 1,000 varieties, make sure you’ve got the top brand. It’s your health and smile. You deserve the best!