Dental Implants to the Rescue

Gaps in your smile can occur for numerous reasons, as a result of untreated decay, accidental fracture and gum disease. These missing or failing teeth can lead to serious problems when you’re attempting to chew and even speak properly. Your self-esteem, especially if you’re missing a tooth in the front of your smile.

Thankfully, we have a great solution: Dental implants.

Hypoallergenic titanium posts surgically positioned in the jaw serve as replacement tooth roots on which natural-looking porcelain crowns are then placed. Today’s technology advancements mean we may be able to place one dental implant to support two adjacent teeth, or strategically position just 4-6 implants to secure an entire arch of replacement teeth. The resulting restoration will look, feel and function just like natural teeth.

Dental Implants 101

If you’ve never lost a tooth, you may not be familiar with dental implants and how these dental innovations can improve your health and self-confidence.

By 2019, according to American Academy of Implant Dentistry research, more than three million dental implants had already been placed in the U.S. And that number is expected to significantly increase in the next decade and beyond.

Thanks to a wonderful, natural process called osseointegration, the top-quality titanium implant post we place will naturally fuse with your jawbone tissue to provide the strong support you need for the replacement tooth – usually a porcelain crown. Once healed, only your dental specialist can tell the difference between your natural teeth and dental implants.

Will the Process Hurt?

Today’s advances in dental surgery in general guarantee a virtually pain-free office experience thanks to careful planning, modern technology and local anesthesia. For those individuals who are super nervous about any kind of dental experience, we can offer nitrous oxide or light oral sedation to help you relax even more.

Post-surgery, most patients report only mild soreness that can be usually addressed with over-the-counter medication.

How Long Will My Implants Last?

Your enhanced smile with dental implants can last a lifetime, with statistics showing success rates up to 98%. Your periodontist at Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics can normally address rare complications (including issues as a result of implants placed elsewhere) ensuring that your dental implants remain secure.

Adopting healthy practices that include twice-daily brushing, flossing as well as regular check-ups should help you keep your dental implants looking and feeling great without challenges.

Will I Be Able to Eat the Foods I Love?

Dental implants are extremely strong. Patients are thrilled to be able to enjoy foods they previously avoided with their failing teeth or removable dentures. Once your dental implants are totally healed, this newfound stability means you can eat your favorite foods (steak!) without worrying about chewing or experiencing slippage while eating. Many former denture wearers also tell us that food even tastes better after moving from removable dentures to a fixed prothesis. Indeed, cumbersome upper dentures can obscure taste buds on the roof of your mouth.

How Can I Learn More?

Dental implants are game-changers that dramatically improve aesthetics, self-confidence and chewing and speaking function. Caring for your investment will be no more difficult than doing so for your natural teeth, with no messy adhesive or special cleaners required.

Make oral health a priority and let us help you obtain new teeth, a new smile and a new you! You do not need a referral from your regular dentist. Contact us today to see how we can give you a healthier, more attractive smile in 2024!

“I highly recommend this center to anyone requiring an implant procedure.” – Denise B. on Google Reviews