Dr. Fava in the News

Kudos to Dr. Philip L. Fava, II for his recent guest blog appearance on the consumer dental website WorldDental.org. Both of our doctors enjoy sharing their wealth of periodontal and implant knowledge with patients and colleagues. In this instance, Dr. Fava wrote about gum recession and the new “Pinhole®” gum rejuvenation technique, for which he has been specially trained.

“Gum recession can result for numerous reasons, some of them seemingly innocuous and others beyond our control. Some of the most common factors that contribute to receding gums include simple genetics (having thin gum tissue), brushing too hard, smoking and lack of preventative dentistry. Even malocclusion (crooked teeth) as well as grinding and clenching your teeth can cause stress and wear, resulting in problematic enamel erosion at the gum line.”  Read more…

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