Dr. Fava on Building Up Jawbone More Organically

Older White Man Smiling During Dental ExamDr. Fava recently offered his professional insight to a group of dental assistants at a Pennsylvania Dental Assistant’s Association (PDAA) seminar held in Willow Grove, PA. He discussed a topic that’s near and dear to us here at Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants & Periodontics: Biological bone augmentation.

What is Biological Bone Augmentation?

In order for successful dental implant placement, patients must first have sufficient bone tissue in which the implant will attach in a natural process called osseointegration. When there is not sufficient bone tissue, grafting of some sort is required to build up this supportive tissue.

With processes like biological bone augmentation, we’re able to harness the power of your own body by augmenting the jawbone with tiny amounts of bone tissue that comes from you, rather than a foreign source.

Using autogenous material (from you, without an external source) allows a more organic way of building up jawbone support. Since we take this tissue from you, we eliminate the risk of foreign material rejection.

Our experience shows that autogenous bone grafts (also known as “autografts”) also allows for more predictable outcomes with shorter healing times. The process has historically been considered the gold standard among grafting material and may be a less expensive grafting option.

For Dental Assistants

If you’re a dental assistant and are interested in learning more, keep in mind that members of the PA Dental Assistant’s Association stay up to date on the latest matters in the field. They can  attend continuing education courses like Dr. Fava’s to allow them to continually gain more knowledge and grow with their career, widening horizons.

You can reach the group here.

Do You Need Better Jawbone Support?

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