Dr. Levine Authors Article on Gum Disease and COVID-19

Check out Dr. Levine’s latest guest author post on the popular dental website 101dentists.com.

In “Now’s a Good Time to Address Gum Disease , Dr. Levine points out that:

“Although healthy and fit individuals have contracted the coronavirus, we know from the CDC and other scientific research that individuals of all ages with preexisting conditions like diabetes, and heart and lung disease can be hardest hit. And findings over the last few years point to the link between gum disease and many of these additional systemic conditions.”

The website provides interesting and informative resources for both dental professionals and patients who seek helpful information on today’s dental-related topics.

We’re super proud of Doctors Levine and Fava who have published numerous articles in clinical journals and books for both dental professionals and patients. Our doctors continually also share their insights and knowledge in seminars, university classes and other presentations.

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