Gum Disease and Men’s Health

Did you see the recent CBS clip where Alex Rodriguez discusses early stage gum disease? He’s on a mission to raise awareness. Even if he is a paid spokesperson for a gum health company, his message is a welcomed one, especially since research shows that gum (periodontal) disease is more prevalent in men than women – approximately 56% versus 38%.

Consider these findings:

  • The CDC confirms that nearly ½ of U.S. adults aged 30 and over have some form of gum disease, a number estimated at more than 65 million individuals
  • If not addressed in its early stage (gingivitis), gum disease can lead to periodontitis, which is not reversible, but at least can be treated
  • Research shows that severe gum disease in men may be related to poor prostate health
  • Numerous studies link severe gum disease with all sorts of other “systemic” conditions like heart and respiratory disease, Alzheimer’s, and more
  • Periodontal disease may increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. Inflammation may be the culprit.

I’m a Guy, What Can I Do?

Men, like women, should take care of their teeth by practicing daily home maintenance (twice daily brushing, once daily flossing), visiting the dentist every six months for regular cleanings and examinations, and, if you’ve already been diagnosed with gum disease, scheduling regular, deeper cleanings with your periodontal office as suggested.

Make an appointment at one of our two PA locations (Philadelphia and Ambler) and speak to our periodontists to learn how we can best address your particular stage of gum disease and help you maintain healthy gums and teeth for life.