Gum Recession? Dr. Fava Can Help!

Have you been told you have GUM RECESSION?

When your gums recede, you often experience sensitivity and even more tooth decay since the tooth root is not as well protected. Gum recession can occur as a result of gum disease,  as part of the natural aging process, or simply from too aggressive hygiene habits with a hard toothbrush. Regardless of the cause, we’ve got the solution— the Chao Pinhole® Technique for treating gum recession.

“Pinhole” is a world of difference from traditional gum grafting surgery where dental specialists had to pull donor tissue from another area of the mouth (palate) and graft it onto the recessed area. With Pinhole, we simply loosen gum tissue around the recessed areas and can shift the gum as needed to protect tooth roots.

Key Pinhole Benefits:

• We can correct severe gum recession in as little as one visit
• No scalpel and no sutures means faster recovery and less discomfort overall
• Having the Pinhole procedure can prevent tooth loss
• The tiny “pinholes” made in the gum usually heal within 24 hours

Dr. Fava is one of a handful of area Pinhole®-certified periodontists to offer this groundbreaking technique. Call us today to arrange a consultation!