Out and About

A fun day was had by members of our practice when we participated as sponsors and exhibitors for the Philly Children’s Festival that took place Sunday, September 17th at Polanka Park in nearby Bensalem.

Starting children off right…from the start

Keeping your children’s teeth healthy is so important. As detailed by the Cleveland Clinic, you can help your children achieve great oral care by teaching them from toddlerhood to brush their teeth properly and develop good eating habits. You’ll set your children up for a lifetime of healthy habits and point them on a path where they’re comfortable with their relationship with their dentist and dental care from the very beginning.

Did you know? Studies show that children who get cavities in their baby teeth are more likely to get cavities in their permanent teeth. Bad oral habits or negative dental professional experiences in early childhood can lead to a lifetime of poor oral health and dental anxieties. These days, you’ll benefit from being able to find fabulous pediatric dentists who are specialists when it comes to treating young children from toddler through teen years.

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