Straighter Adult Teeth in 2023

Check out this article on Digital Health Buzz regarding the innovative process of orthodontic acceleration for adults.

In “Adult Braces—a Periodontist’s Perspective,” Dr. Klass, our newest practitioner, discusses how straight teeth look better, make it easier to chew food and clean your teeth, in addition to reducing wear on the teeth caused by abnormal positioning. While many adults would like to obtain straighter teeth, they may decide to avoid the orthodontic process (traditional braces or aligners) “for a variety of reasons that just aren’t financial.”

Dr. Klass also writes that “they simply don’t have the time and patience for the lengthy process of straightening a full mouth of adult teeth where bone formation is mature and therefore often harder to shift. For this reason, many adults with crooked teeth shy away from treatment.”

Piezocision, a surgical procedure offered here at the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics, can assist those patients with relatively healthy teeth and gums in accelerating orthodontic movement.

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