Your Journey Toward a Fabulous Smile

Thinking about improving your oral health and appearance with dental implants? If so, congratulations! You should seek the best overall patient experience possible during your exciting journey toward a better-looking smile and more effective bite.

At the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics, we can often revitalize your smile with same day implant restorations. But we’re also happy to accommodate patients who’d prefer to spread out their treatment gradually, in a process we call treatment phasing. We’ll always take your health status, physical and emotional concerns and budgetary constraints into consideration. Phasing can mean addressing your most urgent oral care needs now, then introducing further treatment when and how we, as a team, decide.

Talk to Your Treatment Coordinator About Your Goals

After consultations with our board-certified periodontists, patients meet with our treatment coordinators to discuss solutions that will accommodate their periodontal goals while also addressing any other concerns, as outlined below.

The Financial Aspect

The cost of important periodontal work is, unfortunately, not always covered by your dental insurance. Some patients, despite realizing they need replacement teeth, may feel selfish spending money on themselves, or at least spending money all at once.

We’ll take your financial considerations in mind to phase your treatment, if possible, over a longer period. That way the financial impact isn’t felt all at once. We also offer interest-free or low-interest financing options for those who wish to pay for care over time.

Scheduling Challenges

We appreciate that your job, family responsibilities and other commitments need to be taken into consideration when you’re planning major periodontal restorations like full arches of dental implants. We’ll create a timeline of goals for your oral health improvements, and work with your schedule to spread out your treatment over a longer period that better fits your schedule and lifestyle.

Physical or Psychological Concerns

Some patients don’t want to spend a full day at the office. Others can’t sit comfortably for more than an hour or so for physical reasons like back or hip issues. Some patients simply can’t keep their mouths open for extended periods of time without discomfort. We’ll take all these key considerations in mind when establishing your treatment plan.

Your Oral Health is Always the Top Concern

Our treatment coordinators liaise with patients and our doctors to come up with comprehensive full-mouth plans.  No matter how we mutually decide to phase your treatment, our long-term goal is always to ensure stability, comfort, health, and function during every stage of the phasing process.

Why not set up an appointment for a consultation and see for yourself how phasing your treatment may best work for you? Call one of our convenient office locations today—NE Philadelphia: 215-677-8686 or Ambler: 215-644-4393.